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GRAMMAR CHECK (16 points total) Unscramble the words to make questions. (8 points)
Match questions 1-9 with similar questions (a-i). (8 points)

1. teacher a you are
2. know him do you how
3. hometown your what’s
4. do what you do
5. do in what do your free you time?
6. dad your do what does
7. from do come this area you
8. she city does in work the
9. together going you out are

a. Where did you meet?
b. Are you dating?
c. What’s your job?
d. Where are you from?
e. Where does she work?
f. Do you help students learn?
g. Is this your hometown?
h. What’s your father’s occupation?
i. What do you do on the weekend?



VOCABULARY CHECK (4 points) Complete the sentences.

1. I’m Jim, to you.

2. I from New York.

3. I for a marketing company. How about you?

4. Which school you go to?