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GRAMMAR CHECK (15 points) There is 1 mistake in each sentence. Correct the mistakes.
(10 points) Then match the questions with the answers. (5 points)

1. Does she beautiful eyes?
2. Has he overweight?
3. Is she blond hair?
4. Does he tall?
5. How tall is Mai and Kim?
6. Does she long hair?

a. No, he is slim body.

b. No, she is dark hair.

c. No, she is short hair.

d. They is very tall.

e. Yes, he is high.

f. Yes, she is beautiful eyes.



VOCABULARY CHECK (4 points) Complete the sentences.

young stocky slim interesting long short nice tall

1. Who is this old guy?
2. He’s short.
3. He’s heavyset.
4. He has long hair.
5. His cologne smells really bad!
6. Also, his conversation is boring.