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GRAMMAR CHECK (14 points) Unscramble the words to make sentences. (7 points)
What does the person say next? Match sentences 1-8 with sentence a-h. (7 points)

1. wait I a bus never long for
2. classes good my usually are
3. I to work never drive will
4. kind my always to me boss is
5. mother should help my I sometimes
6. before get up 7 A.M. I never
7. always own make I must lunch my
8. go my to karaoke friends to always want

a) We have some great teachers.
b) But some of my coworkers are not.
c) They come every ten minutes.
d) But I’m busy. It is diffi cult to fi nd time.
e) The roads are too busy and there is no parking.
f) There is no cafeteria at school.
g) But I prefer just chatting in a coff ee shop.
h) On weekends I’m still in bed at lunch time.


VOCABULARY CHECK (6 points) Match each phrase with its meaning. Draw a line.




1. one time in twenty-four hours
2. a couple of times a year
3. twelve times a year
4. once a minute
5. twice a day
6. every day and twice on Sunday
7. four to fi ve times a month

a) once a month
b) fourteen times a week
c) every sixty seconds
d) about once a week
e) once a day
f) once every six months
g) eight times a week