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GRAMMAR CHECK (16 points) Unscramble the words to make a question. (8 points)
Then match the questions with answers. (8 points)

1. (early you did get up) t his morning?
2. (get you did) a photo of the President?

3. (did spend you) the money?

4. (you drive did) here?

5. (cry you did) at the end?

6. (get present did you a) for me?

7. (your did meet you) ex-boyfriend?

8. (about forget you did) the meeting?

9. (much did eat you too) ast night?

a. No, I saved it for my summer holiday.
b. No, I overslept.
c. No, I just left the theater.
d. No, I chose not to come.
e. No, but I shook his hand.
f. No, I phoned him.
g. Yes, that’s why I felt sick later.
h. No, I bought this for myself!
i. No, my friend brought me.




VOCABULARY CHECK (6 points) Where is the place? Write the words.

friendha lunchha high school hamovie habeach hacompany hamarried

1. A: What did you do this weekend?
hafB: I went out to with some friends.
2. A: What did you do on your vacation?
hafB: Nothing much. I went to the every day.
3. A: When did you graduate from
hafB: Last year. Now, I’m studying business.
4. A: What did you do after college?
hafB: I worked for a small for a few years.
5. A: Congratulations! I heard you got
hafB: Thanks! Can you believe it?