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GRAMMAR CHECK (16 points) Complete each sentence. Use a word or phrase from the box. (8 points)
What does the person say next? Match the sentences. (8 points)


1. I’m good f ixing cars. at, with, to
2. Do you enjoy people? help, helping, helpful

3. I like things. make, making, made

4. I’m good at listen, to listen, listening

5. I’m good my job. with, of, at

6. Do you to cook? enjoy, good at, like

7. I’m good children. at, with, to

8. Do you enjoy ? write, wrote, writing

9. I like to houses. design, design in, designing

a) Yes, I like making people happy.
b) So I work in a kindergarten.
c) So I’m an architect.
d) But I don’t want to be a psychologist.
e) So I want to be an engineer.
f) Yes, but I don’t like using a computer.
g) Yes, so I became a chef.
h) So I’m training as a mechanic.
i) So I got a promotion last year.


VOCABULARY CHECK (4 points) Read each comment. Identify the person.
Use the job titles from the box. There are 2 extra.

an accountant eaan assistant eaa police officer
a boss eaa sales clerk eaa coach eaan architect

1. “Really? Was I driving that fast?”
eaA driver said this to .
2. “Do you have this in a larger size?”
eaA customer said this to
3. “Please make fty copies for the meeting.”
eaA professor said this to
4. “You must play with more passion.”
ea said this to a player.
5. “This is my design for your new house.”
ea said this to a homeowner.