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GRAMMAR CHECK (16 points) Unscramble the words to make invitations. (8 points)
Then match the invitations with replies. (8 points)

1. lunch about how ?
2. at meet shall we fi ve ?

3. walk why we don’t ?

4. about Angel how Café ?

5. out do go want tonight you to ?

6. movie how watching a about ?

7. dinner for would go you like out to ?

8. go next skiing let’s weekend .

9. see you would room to your like ?

a. Let’s stay home. It’s getting late.
b. Sounds good, I’m really hungry.
c. What time does it start?
d. Actually, a bit later would be better.
e. It’s too far, let’s get a taxi.
f. Nice idea, but what if there is no snow?
g. Sounds good. They have nice cakes.
h. Yes, that’s a good idea. Nonsmoking, right?
i. Great, but remember I’m a vegetarian.


VOCABULARY CHECK (4 points) Complete the conversation. Use time phrases from the box.
There are 3 extra.

twelve midnight
twelve noon
every four hours
every thirty minutes
thirty minutes before
twice a day
every day
eight o’ clock

You: “Good morning. What times are the shows this week?”
Theater manager: “There are three shows , Monday through Sunday. The fi rst performance each day is at and then after that, so the next is at 4 P.M.
The fi nal performance starts at . We advise you to
arrive at the theater the scheduled start time.”