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GRAMMAR CHECK (12 points) Underline the verb forms. (6 points)
Then match sentences 1–7 with sentences a–g. (6 points)

1. Are you going to go to grad school?

2. Are you going to move abroad this year?

3. You have to decide what you are going to do after graduation, you know.

4. Did you decide about your holiday?

5. If we are going to go somewhere next summer, we have to plan it.

6. Do you want to work in your hometown in the future?

7. Did you decide which courses to take next year?

a. I’m not sure. I might go for three months just to see how it is.
b. Not necessarily. I need money, so I’ll take any job that is off ered.
c. Yes, I know. I’m going to check out this evening.
d. No, I’m starting work next month at Sony.
e. Yes, we’re going to go to Mexico.
f. Well, I might take Graphic Design 2 and English Conversation, but I’m not sure yet.
g. Yes, I know time is running out. OK. OK. Maybe I’ll decide this weekend.


VOCABULARY CHECK (8 points) Complete the conversation.

Maki: I heard you get married next year.
Pat: Yes, that’s right. We’ll o it in Hawaii, but we’re not 100 percent sure yet.
Maki: So, I’ll be lucky enough to be invited?
Pat: , you’re my best friend!
Maki: Great! It would be an honor.

defi nitely

Kim: I heard you’re leaving your job.
Paolo: I will, maybe I won’t.
Kim: That means right?
Paolo: Uh, I leave in the summer.
Kim: Well, we’ll miss you if you do.

defi nitely