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GRAMMAR CHECK (18 points) Read the questions. Then read the responses in the box.
Complete each response. (9 points) Then match it to a question. (9 points)

1. Do you remember me?
2. Did you graduate from university last month?

3. What was your major at university?

4. What do you do now?

5. What will you do in the future?

6. What do you do in your free time?

7. Who do you play with?

8. When did he start playing?

9. How often do you practice?

10. Are you going to have a concert soon?

a. I
(play) with my old friend, Alex Hampton, from school. He’s very talented.

b. Someday, I’m going
(start) an internet music business.

c. We
(practice) two or three times a week—in the garage behind my parents’ house.

d. Yes, actually we
(hold) one next Saturday. It’s at Slim’s. You ought to come!

e. I
(study) computer science.

f. Yes, we
(meet) at last year’s party.

g. I
(play) the guitar in a soft rock band.

h. He
(begin) playing in elementary school. He’s always been a great musician.

i. Nothing at the moment. I
(look for) a job.

j. Yes, I
(be fond of) school, so I was a little sad to leave.



VOCABULARY CHECK (7 points) Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
There is 1 extra word.

favoritebossbossbossbossbossfree timebossbosscoworkerbossbossstranger
interestingbossbossroommate bossbossintroducebossbossgraduate

1. Someone you share a room with is your .
2. Someone who tells you what to do at work is your .
3. Someone you work with is your .
4. Someone you don’t know is a(n) .
5. The thing you like the most is your .
6. You can play sports or listen to music in your .
7. When you meet someone new, you yourself.
8. When you nish school, you .