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GRAMMAR CHECK (17 points) Complete the story. Use the simple past or past continuous.

Something very memorable (1) (happen) when I was fourteen. I (2) (walk) along the beach when suddenly I (3) (hear) a scream. I (4) (see) a boy in the water. He (5) (wave) his arms and calling, “Help! Help!” He was (6) (try) to swim, but couldn’t. I didn’t stop to think. I just (7) (jump) into the water and (8) (swim). The whole time I (9) (swim) toward him, I (10) (watch) him. Then fi nally, I (11) (reach) him. I (12) (pull) him back to the beach. He (13) (be) scared, but he said he (14) (be) OK. I (15) (be) relieved. “You (16) (save) my life,” he said. I (17) (feel) so proud, but, of course, I (18) not, say) that!


VOCABULARY CHECK (8 points) Match the words with the meanings.

1. defi nition
2. fi nally
3. initially
4. frightened
5. trapped
6. suddenly
7. imagine
8. alone
9. chase
6. A: I need more time to consider this.
B: B: OK, but you must make a(n) by next Monday.
7. A: It’s a good idea to go abroad for one year to study English.
B: B: Where do you I go?

a. at the end, as the last step
b. at the beginning, as the fi rst step
c. feeling confi ned, unable to escape
d. the meaning of a word
e. feeling afraid or alarmed

f. to pursue or hunt, to follow rapidly
g. to form an image in your mind
h. happening quickly, without warning
i. on your own, by yourself