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GRAMMAR CHECK (14 points) Complete the conversations. Use the simple present, simple
past, or present perfect. (1 point each).

1. A: (have) you ever an argument with a close friend?
B: B: Yes, I (have) a big argument with Mari last week.
B: A: Mari? She (be) your friend since high school, right?
B: B: Yes, we (meet) over ten years ago.
B: A: So what (fi ght) you about last week?
B: B: She (tell) a big lie about me, and I (get) really mad.

2. A: (read) you this article in Today Magazine about the gun law?
B: B: No, I (not read) it yet. What does it say?
B: A: It (say) that owning a gun is now illegal. That’s crazy, isn’t it?
B: B: No, I (not think) so. I think it (be) a good idea.
B: A: (own) _ you ever a gun?
B: B: Me? Of course not. I (hold) never even one!


VOCABULARY CHECK (8 points) Match the words with the meanings.

accept bossrefuse bossdeny bossadmitted bossprefer to bossexcept bossexpected bossallow

1. My boss didn’t me to take extra time off because we were extremely busy.

2. You can to do what your boss says, but you might be fi red.

3. All of the faculty voted in favor of going abroad for the school trip _ he science teacher. She wanted to stay close to home.

4. I leave the walls in my room white. That’s just how I like it.

5. The restaurant owner she forgot about the birthday reservation. She told everyone it was her fault.

6. I hope I can do better than in the tournament. Most people assume I will
lose in the fi rst round.

7. I can his opinion, but I don’t agree with it.