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GRAMMAR CHECK (18 points) Read sentences 1-10. Match to sentences a-j. (8 points)
Complete a-j with will or be going to. More than 1 answer is sometimes possible. (8 points)

1. I’ve already started to save money.
2. You look great. That jacket really suits you!
3. Let’s go to the cinema!
4. He’s playing really well this game.
5. What are you going to do after graduation?
6. I heard your brother’s in the hospital after having a car accident. (
7. I wish you’d drive slower. Watch out!
8. Would you like to work for my mother’s company? (
9. In the future, I want to be a lawyer.
10. Are you driving home now?

a. Sure. I check what’s showing.
b. What’s wrong? Do you think I’ crash?

c. I’ travel around Europe next summer.

d. Thanks for the off er. I think about it.

e. Yeah, that’s right, but he be OK.

f. Either I go to grad school, or I’ll work for

my uncle’s company.
g. I think you be successful no matter

what career you choose.
h. Really? Then tell the cashier I take it.

i. Yes, I give you a lift if you want.

j. Yes, he’s to win easily.


VOCABULARY CHECK (7 points) Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
There are 2 extra.

set up

1. I telephoned my old friends to a reunion. It’ll be great to see them again.
2. I’m going to my schedule for classes next semester.
3. You had better make a(n) before going to the doctor.
4. Good evening, sir. Do you have a(n) ?
5. I didn’t seats for the opera, but I think there will be some left.
6. I’m sorry to bother you, but I’d like to _ my order.
7. She thinks she wants to go to grad school, but she hasn’t up her mind yet.
8. Did you to start your own company when you lost your job at IBP?