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GRAMMAR CHECK (20 points) Change the verbs to adjectives. (10 points) Then match the
phrases to make sentences. Write the letter. (10 points).

1. I’ll be (worry)
2. It will be (confuse)

3. My brother will be (confuse)

4. I will be (embarrass)

5. I get very (excite)

6. Your teacher will be (annoy)

7. I’ll give you a call this evening

8. If my friend doesn’t call me,

9. If we win the game,

10. When the class is too long,

11. When my mother talks about me,

a. if you use my phone to call him.
b. if I leave my umbrella on the train again.
c. if you forget your homework.
d. when I speak English to a native speaker.
e. if we don’t all meet at the same place.
f. if my dog doesn’t come home today.
g. it is always
h. I get
i. if I’m not
(exhaust) after work.
j. I’ll be very
(surprise). We’re not very good.
k. I’ll be very



VOCABULARY CHECK (5 points) Read the situations. How do you feel? Write the missing words.

1. You have tried many times to put together a puzzle but can’t. f
2. You have an important test tomorrow. n

3. You did something you shouldn’t have done. a

4. You lost your job. de

5. You are home alone and hear a strange noise. s

6. You see someone you really like going out with your friend. j