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GRAMMAR CHECK (14 points) Write the missing words. (9 points)
Then match the sentences with the responses. (9 points)

1. K2 is the mountain in the world.

2. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the beautiful mountain in Africa.

3. The Amazon is the river in the world.

4. Which is : the Mississippi River or the Yangtze River in China? (

5. Did you know that the United States is than China?

6. Did you know that Japan’s population is han Thailand’s?

7. The area of Vietnam is han Argentina.

8. Is Argentina bigger Cambodia?

a. No, it’s not. The Nile is a bit longer. But many Brazilians disagree.
b. Yes. Argentina is bigger than Cambodia and Vietnam combined.
c. Yes, I know. Japan’s population is also bigger than South Korea’s.
d. That’s not true. Argentina is much bigger.
e. No, it isn’t. Mount Everest is even higher.
f. Yes, I agree, and I think the most beautiful mountain in Europe is Mt. Blanc.
g. I don’t know, but the Nile is certainly longer than both.
h. Do you mean land area? Yes, I’ve heard it’s a little bigger.
I also know that Brazil is bigger than Australia.


VOCABULARY CHECK (5 points) Read the situations. How do you feel? Write the missing words.

1. I think Thai food is the all in the world. Especially all the soups!

2. I think Paris is the he city in Europe. It’s great for honeymooners.

3. London is one of the he cities to live in. Everything costs a lot!

4. Tokyo is one of the cities in the world. It’s great for people watching.

5. For me, India is the he country in the world. There are so many things going on!

6. Korea is great for food. The food there is so much than where I live.

7. Many people say British food is he in the world. But it’s not true.
There are some really tasty British dishes.