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GRAMMAR CHECK (18 points) Complete the sentences. Use tag questions. (9 points)
Then match the questions and responses. (9 points)

1. You have the tickets, ?
2. You’re really into karaoke, ?
3. This movie isn’t very funny, ?
4. You’ll help me eat less junk food, ?
5. Today’s baseball game wasn’t so good, ?
6. You’ll come to the concert with me, ?
7. Your sister’s really crazy about Coldplay’s music, ?
8. That was a fantastic meal, ?
9. That Clint Eastwood fi lm didn’t impress you, ?
10. You won’t go to the party alone, ?

a. No. I hope tomorrow’s will be better.
b. No, I’m afraid it isn’t.
c. Uh, not bad. But dessert was disappointing.
d. Of course not. I’m going with Sam.
e. Absolutely. She has all their songs on her iPod.®
f. Of course I do, don’t worry.
g. I’d like to, but I don’t know if I can aff ord it.
h. I’ll try, but it’s up to you really.
i. Yes, I love singing.
j. Actually, I like most of his work, but this one ... I’m not sure.


VOCABULARY CHECK (7 points) Complete the sentences. Replace the crossed-out words.
Use similar words from the box. There is 1 extra.

boring movibest moviviolent movipopular movifantastic
disappointing moviworst movihardest movienjoyable

1. That movie was so dull , I fell asleep in the middle of it.
2. There are a lot of wonderful fi lms playing this week.
3. A Korean won the most popular director award at the Cannes festival this year.
4. The book was great, but the fi lm was really not pleasing _
5. Action movies these days are too rough . There’s too much killing.
6. The Oscars is the most well known awards show in the world.
7. That show’s ticket sales were the lowest .
8. Going to the movie theater with good friends is really fun .