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GRAMMAR CHECK (18 points) Match the phrases to make sentences. (9 points)
Connect them with so, because, and because of. (9 points)

1. I drove here in my car,
2. I don’t want to work with Judy
3. I don’t want to study abroad
4. I’ve been very busy,
5. I was late meeting you
6. I have to work,
7. I forgot my pen,
8. I couldn’t nd my homework,
9. I’m afraid I can’t go to the party this weekend (
10. I’d love to stay longer, but

a. I need to borrow one. Do you have an extra?

b the time, I really have to go home.

c. I can’t go with you tomorrow.

d. her attitude. She’s so nasty to me.

e. I’ll be out of town.

f. the cost. I haven’t saved much money.

g. I haven’t had time to call.

h. I can give you a ride home.

i. I missed the train.

j. I had to redo it. What a waste of time!


VOCABULARY CHECK (7 points) Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
There are 2 extra.

excuse me
thank you

1. If you want to use your friend’s car, you have to it.
2. If you borrow the car, your friend it to you.
3. When you say “I’m sorry,” you .
4. When we do something wrong, we often start by saying “
5. When you ask to borrow something, you should give a(n)
6. If you say you’ll return it for sure tomorrow, you are making a(n) .
7. When you do things for school at your house, you’re doing .
8. When you’re cleaning your home, that’s .