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GRAMMAR CHECK (14 points) Complete the sentences. Use who, whom, which, or
that. (7 points) Then match the sentences with the responses. (7 points)

1. Confucius and Lao-tse were famous Chinese leaders are well known around the world.

2. The food I ate in Japan was so healthful and tasty.

3. “Tom Yam Kung,” which means “boil, mix, shrimp” in Thai, is a soup _ is popular in Thailand.

4. In many Korean restaurants you can nd people are eating kimchi.

5. These photos I took in Chile show the world’s largest open copper mine. It was very impressive

6. Do you remember my friend Wen you met on our trip to Taiwan?

7. You are like my friend lives in Argentina. He also really loves dancing and football. (

8. I can’t remember the name of the museum we visited in Paris.

a. Maybe that’s why Japanese people live longer.
b. I’ve heard that. One of my friends who was born in Seoul loves it.
c. Well, I actually lived there for awhile, that’s why. I love their asado barbecue too!
d. Well, sort of. We met him at the night market, didn’t we?
e. Of course. They were really famous philosophers.
f. That’s news to me. But I know about Thailand’s Muay Thai (Thai boxing).
g. I bet. I read that exports of this metal account for 36 percent of the world market.
h. You don’t remember? It’s the Louvre! It may be the most famous tourist spot in France.


VOCABULARY CHECK (6 points) Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box. There are 2 extra.

culture shock

1. There are a lot of in my country involving food.
2. My parents like to make the house look beautiful, so they put up on special holidays.
3. Cultural activities that have stayed the same over many years are
called .
4. What does your culture use for “good-bye”?
5. In some cultures, young people live on their own from the time they’re eighteen years
old. They are very .
6. When I visited the United States, people acted very diff erently from what I am used to.
I de nitely experienced some .
7. Many people work in cities but live outside, in the