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GRAMMAR CHECK (16 points) Complete the sentences.
Use the past tense. (8 points) Then match sentences 1-9 with sentences a-i. (8 points)

1. When I was a baby, my grandma (sing) to me every day.
2. During my grade school days, I often (fi ght) with my parents.
3. When I was six, the neighbor’s dog (bite) my leg.
4. On a school trip when I was seven, a bee (sting) me.
5. In junior high school, I (swim) every day.
6. In high school, I (write) my rst essay in English.
7. I also (get) a prize for some manga that I drew.
8. Six years ago, I (take) a job in Paris.
9. In design college, I (begin) planning my future house.

a. The topic was “facing world problems.”
b. I fi nally built it last year.
c. So I speak French fl uently now.
d. After that, I didn’t like to play outside.
e. So I grew up loving karaoke!
f. I broke the 200-meter backstroke record!
g. I won second prize in the city competition.
h. But they always forgave me.
i. It really hurt, but the teacher took good care of me.


VOCABULARY CHECK (9 points) Read the clues. Complete the crossword puzzle.

2. Before you drive a car, you need a ________.
6. Parcel
8. Put your car in a xed place
9. If you’re happy doing something, you ________ it.

1. Construct or make something new
3. Tell something about something
4. Mend something, make it better
5. Perform a surgery
7. Travel through the air

3. Meing of tf t
. Meaning of th
. Meaning
. Meaning of th
. Me iof t Traa
. e33. . aningoara tT Trar a T
3. Mea aningoa rf ra Tra
3. Mea
Me Me Me e Me
3. Mea Me Me Me e Me Me Me e eee
Me Me Mee e e Me Me e eee
3. Meh Me Me Me e Me ee e e M