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GRAMMAR CHECK (14 points) Unscramble the sentences. (7 points)
Then match them with sentences a–h. (7 points)

1. come you school earlier must to

2. doctor see go a you to should

3. at to have I my meet client 7 P.M.

4. sleep before I eight need of hours get exam the to

5. get do enter to I a visa to have the United States

6. abroad this travel summer should we

7. on drop way my to supermarket do the need by home I

8. jacket a wear should to I the interview

a. You are always late for the class.
b. All fl ights are 30–40 percent off !
c. It’s a good idea. You should look your best.
d. Otherwise, I’ll have a terrible headache.
e. Yes, we’ve run out of milk.
f. You look really pale.
g. That’s when her fl ight is due to arrive.
h. Maybe. You can fi nd out online.


VOCABULARY CHECK (6 points) Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
There is 1 extra. Change the form if necessary.

used to
take part

1. This Saturday there’s a membership meeting at the Firsthand Tennis Club. I’m free,
so I will it.

2. The club opened about three years ago. I was one of the rst people to _ he club.

3. I be out of shape before starting to play tennis regularly. Now, I’m in
great shape.

4. The club’s major tournament place in summer. There is talk of scheduling
another tournament in the fall.

5. I plan to in it next year, after a little more practice.

6. Also, the club social events throughout the year. They provide really
good food and drinks.

7. This is a great chance to other members and make new friends.