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GRAMMAR CHECK (14 points) Complete the sentences. For the rst half, change the verb form. (7 points)
For the second half, use the words from the box. (7 points)

would ask
would buy
would study
could go
would practice
would take
would drive
wouldn’t have to
would go

1. If my dad (be) prime minister, I him to change many things.

2. If I (have) a car, I you to the station.

3. If I (take) a holiday, I to France.

4. If I (have) my own house, I beautiful artwork for the walls.

5. If I (be) thirty years younger, I to be a doctor.

6. If I (have) more free time, I basketball everyday.

7. If you (not, be) so busy, we on longer holidays.

8. If you (be) richer, I work.


VOCABULARY CHECK (6 points) Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
There is 1 extra. Change the form if necessary.

changing jobs

1. A: I’m working way too many hours.
B: B: You should think about .
2. A: I feel really .
B: B: Why don’t you take a vacation?
3. A: This spaghetti is cold.
B: B: You should to the manager.
4. A: The guy I met last week wants to get married!
B: B: How about getting fi rst?
5. A: Recently, I’ve been getting tired very easily.
B: B: If I were you, I’d more.
6. A: I need more time to consider this.
B: B: OK, but you must make a(n) by next Monday.
7. A: It’s a good idea to go abroad for one year to study English.
B: B: Where do you I go?