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GRAMMAR CHECK Complete the conversations. Write am, is, or are. (8 points)

1. A: Where you from?
B: B: I from Canada.
2. A: Marco from Spain?
B: B: No, he from Mexico.
3. A: What Marco’s last name?
B: B: It Gonzales.
4. A: Where SunAe and AnJin from?
B: B: They from Korea. Seoul their hometown.


VOCABULARY CHECK Complete the conversations. Use the verbs from the box. There are 2 extra. (4 points)

surf B: dancing B: play B: go B: read B: favorite B: listen

1. A: Hey, Manee. Do you like music?
B: B: Sure. I to rock music every day.
2. A: What about sports?
B: B: I swimming in my free time. How about you?
3. A: I soccer.
B: B: Do you like comic books?
4. A: Yeah! I comic books. I the internet a lot too.
B: B: Me too. What’s your e-mail address?