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GRAMMAR CHECK Complete the sentences. Use only 1 word. (6 points)

1. It going to rain this week.
2. He be famous someday.
3. I going to work hard next month.
4. She going to live in New Zealand next year.
5. you be rich someday?
6. they going to get married?
7. They have many children.


VOCABULARY CHECK Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box. There is 1 extra. (6 points)

famous ob girlfriends ob good ob grades ob interesting ob job ob
long ob life ob married ob on ob television ob rich

1. Someday I’m going to be . You will see me on channel 7.
2. I’m going to be . Everyone will know me.
3. I’ll be . I’ll have so much money.
4. I’ll have many . They will all be beautiful.
5. I’m going to have a(n) Maybe I’ll be a journalist.
6. I will fall in love and get
7. I’ll live a(n) . I’ll celebrate my 90th birthday with family and friends.