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GRAMMAR CHECK Put the words in the correct order. (5 points)

1. cleans never his room Jin on weekends

2. Saturdays on Kate dancing goes sometimes

3. after are hungry they school usually

4. Mari late is for class ever hardly

5. always in class I am sleepy

6. cooks on usually Sunday she night dinner


VOCABULARY CHECK Write go, go to, or play. (7 points)

A: Do you want to the movies on Friday night?
B: Sorry, I always video games with my friends on Fridays.
A: OK. How about Saturday? Do you want to karaoke?
B: I can’t. I always out to dinner with my roommates on Saturdays.
A: Well, do you want to shopping on Sunday afternoon?
B: I’m sorry. I soccer every Sunday at 2:00.
A: What about Sunday night? Do you want to dancing?
B: Sunday night? I usually cards with my family.
A: You’re really busy!
B: Sorry.