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GRAMMAR CHECK Write several, a lot, many, some, a few, much or
a little. More than 1 answer may be possible. (7 points)

1. A: I’m going shopping. What do we need?
B: B: Let’s see. How onions do we have?
2. A: We only have . I’ll get some more.
B: B: How co ee do we have?
3. A: There is . Do you want some more?
B: B: Yes. How rice is there?
4. A: We have . I’ll get another bag.
B: B: Oh. How about bananas? How do we have?
5. A: We have . Let’s get another bunch.
B: B: You’re so healthy!


VOCABULARY CHECK One word does not belong. Circle the word. (5 points)

1. mangoes .....bananas .....spicy .....apples
2. corn .....mushrooms .....onions .....breakfast
3. soda .....chicken ffee .....tea
4. bread .....plates .....cups .....napkins
5. chicken cream .....sausage
6. breakfast .....lunch .....dinner .....salad