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GRAMMAR CHECK Find the mistakes. Make corrections. (6 points)

1. What he is doing?
2. She is play tennis.
3. Is they watching TV?
4. They practicing English.
5. I talking on the phone.
6. What you are making?
7. They are eat breakfast.



VOCABULARY CHECK Read the clues. Write the answers in the crossword. (6 points)

2. A ghting sport. Fighters wear di erent colors of belts.
3. A summer sport. People use racquets and a ball.

7. A winter sport. Popular with young people.

1. A ghting sport. People wear gloves.

4. A popular sport in the world. People kick a ball.

5. An indoor or outdoor sport. People do this sport in a pool.

6. An indoor sport. People use long sticks, small heavy balls, and a big table.

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