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GRAMMAR CHECK Complete the questions. (9 points)

1. your name?
2. she from Canada?
3. are you from?
4. were you born?
5. your birthday?
6. Mohammed from Turkey?
7. his favorite food?
8. Man-yi do in her free time?
9. they like English?
10. you do in your free time?


VOCABULARY CHECK Write the words. There is 1 extra. (6 points)

free time freehomework freemovies freemusic freepop freespicy freesports freetennis

1. A: Hey, Emma. What do you do in your ?
B: B: I watch a lot of .
2. A: Do you like ?
B: B: Yeah, I listen to music.
3. A: What about ?
B: B: I play .
4. A: Anything else?
B: B: Well, I’m a student, so I do in my free time, too.