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GRAMMAR CHECK Think about the story from page 105. What is the correct order of events?
Write First, Next, Then, After that, and Finally. Change the verbs to past tense. (8 points)

1. he (use) magic powder on the giant.
2. Ninja Sword Master Zen (go) o the castle.
3. the king’s daughter (give) him the magic eye.
4. the king’s daughter (fall) in love with him.
5. he (fi ght) twenty men.


VOCABULARY CHECK Complete the stories. Use the past tense. (7 points)





fall love meet run scream sleep use watch

1. Last night, I my boyfriend at the movie theater.
We Romeo and Juliet.
I the movie.
My boyfriend through it.

2. Last weekend, we went hiking.
My girlfriend in a hole.
She loudly.
I to get help.
We a rope to pull her out.
Now she is OK and I am a hero.