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GRAMMAR CHECK Read the answers. Write the questions. (5 points)

1. A: ?
B: B: It was OK.
2. A: ?
B: B: I went to Ireland.
3. A: ?
B: B: I went camping.
4. A: ?
B: B: It rained every day.
5. A: ?
B: B: My best friend traveled with me.
6. A: ?
B: B: We spent two weeks there.


VOCABULARY CHECK Complete the sentences. Use the past tense. (10 points)




Last weekend, I (go)   to my grandmother’s house. I (drive) here with my brother. We (have) a car accident. It (be / not) serious. I (hurt) my head a little. I (feel) happy when I saw my grandmother. She (take) care
of me. She (make)
a delicious dinner for my brother and me. She (tell) us interesting stories. On Sunday we (try) making cakes with grandmother.
We (come)
home at 7 P.M.