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Grammar Check: Asking questions to get to know people

Who is your teacher?
Where is she from?

Finish the questions. (8 points)

1. A: Where are you from? B: I'm from Chicago.
2. A: you live now? B: I live in Los Angeles.
3. A: a student? B: No, I'm not.
4. A: do? B: I'm an engineer.
5. A: are you? B: I'm 28.
6. A: enjoy watching movies? B: Yes, I do.
7. A: your best friend? B: Her name is Nicole.
8. A: she do? B: She's a computer programmer.
9. A: in Los Angeles, too? B: No, she lives in New York.


Vocabulary Check: Introductions

Match the sentences with the same meaning. There is one extra answer. (7 points)

1. What do you do? d a. Where are you from?
2. What do you do in your free time? b. We are dating.
3. That sounds interesting. c. What are you interested in?
4. She's an office worker. d. What's your job?
5. How do you know him? e. Wow! Exciting!
6. I'm a student. f. Where did you meet?
7. We go out together. g. She works in an office.
8. What is your hometown? h. We're classmates.
    i. I'm in school.





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