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Grammar Check: Using adjectives to compare things

Use -er with short (one-syllable) adjectives and
-ier with two-syllable adjectives that end in -y:
large -> larger
pretty -> prettier

Use more with long adjectives (more than one syllable):
beautiful -> more beautiful

Some comparative adjectives are irregular:
good -> better
bad-> worse

This one is nicer than that one. This coat is better than than one, but it's more expensive.

Write the comparative form of the adjective. (7 points)

1. A department store is (big) than a convenience store.

2. A compact car is (cheap) than a sportscar.

3. A laptop computer is (light) than a desktop computer.

4. DVDs are becoming (popular) than videos.

5. These jeans are (expensive) than those. Those are on sale.

6. E-mail is much (fast) than snail (=regular) mail.

7. A walkman is (convenient) than a stereo.

8. This dress is (beautiful) than that one.


Vocabulary Check: Shopping

Make compound nouns.
Match the words. (8 points)

1. flower                         a. boots
                                              b. shop
2. hiking                        c. donuts
                          d. player
                                              e. bag
3. felt tip                        f. video
                          g. pen
                                              h. store
4. computer                  i. phone  

5. clothing

6. chocolate

7. CD

8. music

9. cell