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Grammar Check: Giving instructions

This is a recipe for chicken wings.
Find the order. Write the numbers. (9 points)

a. After removing the wings and onions, make a sauce by adding some spices to the butter that's left over.

b. Chicken wings are easy to cook. Here's how to prepare them.

c. Next, brown the wings in hot butter.

d. Add some cooked onion slices to the wings after they are browned.

e. Remove the wings and onions from the pan.

f. Then pour the sauce over the wings and onions.

g. Taste them! They're delicious!

h. First, put some salt and pepper on the wings.

i. Cook the onions and the wings a little longer.

j. Finally, put some parsley on top.


Vocabulary Check: Instructions

Fill in the blanks. Use these words. There is one extra. (6 points)

finally      close      take      first     insert     press     wait      put

1. To take money out of a cash machine,    your card.    
2. Then  until the instructions come on the screen.  
3. When the instructions come onscreen, the correct buttons.  
4. , take out your money and it in your wallet.  

5 Don't forget to your card when you're finished.