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Grammar Check: Asking questions about music

Do you like classical music?
Who's your favorite singer?
Have you ever been to a live concert?

Choose the correct verb. (7 points)

1. A: [ Do        Did       Have] you like jazz?
     B: It's okay, I guess.

2. A: What [ was      has been      is] your favorite kind of music?
     B: I like rock best.

3. A: [ Did you hear      Have you heard      Do you hear] The Jangles new album yet?
     B: Yes, I listened to it last weekend.

4. A: What [ did     do      have] you think of it?
     B: I thought it was great.

5. A: What [ has been     is      was] the first CD you bought?
     B: It was a Beatles album.

6. A: [ Have     Did     Do] you ever sing karaoke?
     B: Yes, but not so often.

7. A: [ Can     Have     Did] you sing a song in English?
     B: Yes, in fact I can sing several.

8. A: [ Did     Has     Does] your taste in music changed since junior high school?
     B: Yeah, a lot.


Vocabulary Check: Songs

Fill in the blanks. Use these words. There is one extra. (8 points)

1. R&B                              not serious

2. so-so                              what you like best

3. favorite                       many people know it

4. commercial               idea or meaning of a song

5. silly                              Rhythm and Blues

6. boring                          want something to happen

7. famous                         not great, but not bad either

8. message                       advertisement

9. hope                              not interesting