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Grammar Check: Asking about schedules

Do you sleep late on weekends?
How often do you go shopping?

Put the words in order to make questions. There is one extra word in each group. (8 points)

1. time     up      usually     what     you    are     do    get
     A: ?
     B: I always get up at 7:00.

2. tennis     often      do     you     how    ever     play
     A: ?
     B: Oh, about once or twice a week.

3. English     have      ever     outside     you    class     speak     of     do
     A: ?
     B: Yes, sometimes I do.

4. are     what      evening     do     do    you     the     in     
     A: ?
     B: I always watch TV.

5. go     day      time     bed     you    to     do     what     usually    
     A: ?
     B: At about 12:00 most nights.

6. do     school      how     to     you    what     get         
     A: ?
     B: I usually take the bus.

7. dancing     do      like     would     to    Friday     you     night     go         
     A: ?
     B: Sorry, I always work on Friday night.

8. you      weekends      doing     what     on    do     do         
     A: ?
     B: I often hang out with friends.

9. movies      what      of     like     are    you     kind     do         
     A: ?
     B: I really like action films. I watch one almost every weekend.

Vocabulary Check: Frequency adverbs

Choose the word with a similar meaning. (7 points)

1. I get up at 7:30 every day. I [ always     sometimes     never] get up at 7:30.

2. Maria takes the train about twice a month. She [ never  hardly ever     almost always ] takes the train.

3. I try to go to bed early every night, but sometimes I go to bed late. I [  always    never     often ] go to bed early.

4. William has a date every weekend. He [ always     sometimes    never ] has a date on the weekend.

5. Soon Oh gets to school on time every day. She [ always sometimes never ] gets to school late.     

6. Carol goes shopping once a month. She [ hardly ever     never   sometimes ] goes shopping.

7. Naomi gets up early Monday to Friday, but she sleeps late on weekends. She [ always     sometimes     usually ] gets up early.

8. Jason eats lunch in the school cafeteria two or three times a week. He [ sometimes     always     usually ] eats in the school cafeteria.