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Grammar Check: Asking questions about locations

Is there a desk?
How many windows are there?

Finish the questions. (10 points)


1. A: your room like?
     B: It's kind of small but it's comfortable.

2. A: it sunny?
     B: Yes, it is.

3. A: are the walls?
     B: They're yellow.

4. A: your bed?
     B: It's next to the door.

5. A: windows are there?
     B: There are two.

6. A: a desk in your room?
     B: Yes, there is one between the windows.

7. A: on your desk?
     B: There's a computer.

8. A: of computer is it?
     B: It's a laptop.

9. A: have a TV?
     B: Yes, there's one to the right of the bed.

10. A: any posters?
     B: Yes, there's one above my desk.

11. A: else is there?
     B: There's a chest of drawers in the back corner.

Vocabulary Check: Things at home

Write the names of the items in the boxes. Use the words and phrases below. There are four extra. (5 points)

striped cushion        brown cushion        fireplace        magazine    coffee table
chair        plant        yellow sofa        orange sofa       desk

1.         2.         3.

4.         5.          6.