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Grammar Check: Talking about the past

I was late to work.
She saw a movie last night.

Read the story. Write the missing verbs. (9 points)


Yesterday (1) (be) a busy day for me. I
(get) up early at 6:00 and (3) (eat) a light breakfast. I (4) (take) the 7:30 bus to work and
(start) work at 8:00. During my lunch break I
(6) (go) shopping and (7) (buy) a birthday present for my girlfriend - a beautiful silver necklace. Then I
(spend) the afternoon writing reports. By the time I finished work at 6:00, I (9) (feel) exhausted. Anyway, I (10) (take) my girlfriend out for dinner and
(give) her the necklace. She loved it.


Vocabulary Check: Past actions

Fill in the missing verbs. There is one extra. (6 points)

took a trip      graduated      married     won    was promoted     was born
got a job     went skiing

1. Sandy on December 3rd, 1978.

2. After she from university, she a trip to Bali.

3. Once she entered a photography contest, and she a prize.

4. She as a salesperson, and she a year later.

5. She her boyfriend last summer.