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Grammar Check: Asking about jobs, abilities, and interests

Is your job interesting?
Can you use a word processor?
Do you have a college degree?

Finish the questions. Match them with the best answers. (8 points)
Use these words (you can use a word more than once):

are     do     can    what     is    how many    how much

1. do you do for a living?         No, I don't.

2. languages do you speak?      Yes, most things.

3. you enjoy your work?          Yes, sometimes I work
                                                                                                 10 or 12 hours a day.

4. you speak Chinese?              I'm a tour guide.

5. your job difficult?                  Not when it's cold.

6. you ever have to                    Four, including Japanese.
work  overtime?                                                               

                                                                             No, but I can speak Korean.
 7. you good at                                       
  explaining things?      
                                                      Yes, I do. I meet a lot of
                                                                                            interesting people.
 8. you like working
outside?                                                                    Yes, sometimes it is.  
9. you wear a uniform?  

Vocabulary Check: Occupations

Who are they talking to? Write the job. There is one extra word. (7 points)

office worker     musician      teacher     police officer    sales clerk    architect
hotel clerk     tour guide      doctor

1. I'm sorry. I forgot my homework.

2. I'd like a single room for two nights.

3. I feel tired all the time and I have a fever.

4. Do you have this in a smaller size?

5. I'd like to report a robbery. Someone stole my car.

6. Can you make some copies for me?

7. That building looks interesting. Is it famous?

8. Can you play the song Teardrops for me?