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Grammar Check: Invitations

Let's go out to eat.
How about having dinner with me?
Would you like to have dinner sometime?

Put the words in order. Make a sentence with a similar meaning.
There is one extra word in each group. (6 points)

1. Let's go to a movie. [movie, when, about, a, how, going, to]

2. That sounds like fun. [idea, want, that's, good, a]

3. I want to do something tonight. [like, feel, tonight, going, I, go, out]

4. I don't want to see that. [interesting, not, in, I'm, interested, that, seeing]

5. What else is there? [anything, there, else, is, there]

6. Would you like to go dancing? [dancing, do, want, like, go, to, you]

7. Let's meet at about 6:15. [meet, don't, 6:15, we, o'clock, why, around]


Vocabulary Check: Entertainment

Match the words with their meanings. (9 points)

1. restaurant                a. a funny movie or play
                                              b. great
2. mall                          c. cost
                        d. a musical performance
                                               e. a place to see a movie or a play
3. playing                      f. showing
                          g. a shopping center
                                               h. a place to eat
4. comedy                       i. something you don't have to pay for
                          j. for example, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach

5. free

6. concert

7. price

8. classical music

9. fantastic

10. theater