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Grammar Check: Using "will," "going to," and "might" to talk about the future

You usually use going to for things you know will happen:
I'm going to go shopping at the mall.

You use will or will probably for things you think or hope will happen:
I will probably get married before I'm 30.

You use might for things you are not sure about:
I might go swimming this weekend.

You also use will at the time you decide something and for promises:
I'll meet you at 7:30.

Choose "sure," "not sure," or "promise" for each sentence. (6 points)

1. I am going to watch TV tonight. [ sure       not sure        promise]

2. After I graduate, I will probably work for a bank.
[ sure       not sure        promise]

3. She is going to have a baby in June.
[ sure       not sure        promise]

4. I'll call you at 7:00. [ sure       not sure        promise]

5. Watch out! You are going to hit that truck.
[ sure       not sure        promise]

6. It's cloudy. It might rain. [ sure       not sure        promise]

7. This city will probably have a population of 1 million in 10 years.
[ sure       not sure        promise]

8. I feel a little sick. Maybe I will stay home.
[ sure       not sure        promise]

9. He is going to have lunch with his girlfriend today.
[ sure       not sure        promise]

10. A: The phone is ringing.
       B: I'll get it.
[ sure       not sure        promise]


Vocabulary Check: Plans

Match the words and phrases. (9 points)

1. get a job                 a. travel for a short time
                                           b. to be eager to do
2. have a picnic          c. invite friends to your house for talking,  
                          dancing, and eating
                                            d. a religious building
                                            e. travel around to see interesting places
3. go sightseeing         f. eat food outside with friends
                        g. sightseeing that's good for the

                                            h. start to work for a company
4. take an ecotour                        

5. take a trip

6. have a party

7. look forward to