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Miki is giving a short presentation about her family to her class. Fill in the spaces. Use these words. There is one extra.

father       mother        music     journalist      teacher      people
summer     high school 

1. There are four in my family - my and mother, my younger sister, and me.

2. My father's name is Kazu. He's 48 years old. He's a . He's kind of quiet. He likes watching sports programs on TV.

3. My mother's name is Yoko. She's 46. She's an elementary school . She's very talkative and outgoing. She enjoys playing the piano.

4. My sister, Ai, is seventeen. She's a student. She likes listening to and writing fiction. She's very creative. She wants to be a writer someday.

5. We sometimes go to the beach together during the holidays. Here I am at the beach.


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Write about your family. Use some of these words:

mother      father     sister     brother    likes    enjoys      very     kind of

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