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Young Ho is inviting his friends to a party. Read the party invitation. Fill in the spaces. Use these words. There is one extra.

to       along        easy     take      by      turn      blocks      left     out    above

It's a party!

Day: Friday evening
6:00 - 11:00
Young Ho's apartment, 222 Greene Street, Apartment 401

I'm having a party at my apartment on Friday. I hope you can come. I'll have some light food and a lot of good music. My friend Ari is going to be the DJ!

It's to get to my place subway. the M train Canal Street Station. When you get of the station, walk west Canal Street. Go two to Greene Street. right. My apartment building is a red brick building. It's on the side of the street. You can't miss it.


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Write directions from school to your favorite place. Use some of these words:

turn left/right     go straight     go past the    next to    on the left/right   
on the corner    at the end of     across from      on the north/south/west/east side of the street