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Hannah sent a message to two friends inviting them to a concert. Fill in the spaces. Use these words. There is one extra.

starts       come         concert     meet     have      love       invitation    
other plans     hate

Hi Lori and Kelly,

I'm going to the Burning Roses this Saturday and a couple of extra tickets. Would you like to ? They're a great new band. (Actually, my cousin is the drummer!) The music at 8:00 downtown at The Club. We can the band after they finish, if you like. Let me know.



Dear Hannah,

Fantasic! I'd to go.
Why don't we meet in front of The Club about 8:00?



Dear Hannah,

Thanks for the . I'd really like to go, but I made for Saturday. Maybe some other time, before they become big stars!



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Invite a friend to an event. Use some of these words:

let's      go      at    would you   leave