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Miki's class is planning a class beach party. Read the party announcement. Miki found 5 information mistakes in the announcement. Write the mistakes in the boxes.

Attention English Students!
Beach Party!

We are going to hold a party at Kinkade Beach on Sunday afternoon, July 13.
We are going to bicycle from the Student Center. We will meet there at 10 p.m. It will probably be hot so be sure to wear warm clothing. We plan to have a cookout on the beach. All the food will be provided by the Student Association. There will be swimming and sailing. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit and hiking shoes.
You'll need to bring your hot dogs, soda, etc. The deadline for signing up is Tuesday, July 15th.

mistake #1:

mistake #2:

mistake #3:

mistake #4:

mistake #5:


Answer Key: (Move your cursor over the box to check your answers.)



Write an announcement for a different event. (For example, a picnic, a camping trip, a volleyball game.) Include these things:

•What the event is      • What people should bring
• When and where it will be held

Also, include three information mistakes.