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Grammar Check: Using past, present, and future to talk about people

Present simple: He works part time at the convenience store.
Present continous: She's studying hard this week.
Past simple: He worked seven hours yesterday.

Future: She's going to start a new job next week.
              I'll pick you up at the airport.

Finish the sentences about Luke. (8 points)



1. Luke (start) playing the guitar five years ago.

2. He (graduate) from high school and entered the university three years ago.

3. He (be) a senior in college now.

4. He (take) a lot of computer science courses this semester.

5. When he graduates, he (work) for a computer company.

6. In his free time, he (play) the guitar in a band.

7. They (practice) two or three times a week.

8. Last week they (perform) at a club.

9. It (be) a big success.


Vocabulary Check: Getting to know you

Read the sentences. Write the correct words. There is one extra word. (7 points)

favorite       boss      roommate     interesting      introduce      co-worker
graduate      stranger     free time 

1. Someone you share an apartment with is your .

2. Someone who tells you what to do at work is your .

3. Someone you work with is your .

4. Someone you don't know is a .

5. The thing you like the most is your .

6. You can play sports or listen to music in your .

7. When you meet someone new, you yourself.

8. When you finish school, you .