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Grammar check: Using past simple and past continuous tense to tell a story

Simple past - for completed actions and states
walk - walked     hear - heard      see - saw

Past continuous - for continuing actions: be (was/were) + V-ing
walk - was walking
wave - was waving

Complete this story. Use the correct form of the verb. (10 points)


Let me tell you about my proudest moment. It's quite a story.
I was twelve. I was (1) (walk) along the beach, when suddenly I (2) (hear) a scream. I (3) (see) a boy in the water. He (4) (wave) his arms and calling "Help! Help!" He (5) (drown)! I didn't stop to think. I just (6) (jump) in the water and (7) (swim) out to help him. I (8) (pull) him back to the beach. He was scared, but he (9) (be) okay. What a relief!
"You (10) (save) my life," he (11) (say). I (12) (feel) so proud!

Answer Key: (Move your cursor over the box to check your answers.)

Vocabulary check: Definitions

Write a word for each definition. The word must fit the spaces. (4 points)

1. be a symbol for:                                                              

2. find the answer to a problem: so_ _ _

3. a large hole in the side of a hill: ca_ _                      

4. very bad weather with wind and heavy rain: st_ _ _

5. see something in your mind: ima_ _ _ _

6. a bad thing that happens suddenly: ac_ _ _ _ _ _