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Grammar Check: Ways to talk about future plans, hopes, and dreams

very sure:
I'm going to visit my friends in Seoul next summer.
I'm going to see the Taj Mahal when I'm in India.

less sure :
I'll probably get a job in a bank when I graduate.
I might try scuba diving when I go to Bali.
I hope to be rich someday.

Read the situation. Unscramble the words to find out the reason or what will happen. There is one extra word. (2 points each = 10 points)

1. I'm studying really hard.
grade        hope        test       like    I        good        get        the       on     a         to

2. She's doing volunteer work at a hospital.
doctor        tomorrow        she        be        someday        to        a        hopes

3. They are saving money.
summer    they    to     Asia     are     this     around      going      will    travel   

4. He's been transferred to Australia.
in      work
     years       hopes      he       two       for      Sydney      will       to

5. Jenny and Steve have been dating for two years.
soon       might       married      they       get       be

6. Her job is really boring and the pay is lousy.
new      she      quit     probably     might     and      job     will      a       find

Vocabulary Check: Goals

Look through the unit (use your English Firsthand book). Find a word to fit each sentence. (5 points)

1. A is something you hope to do or acheive.

2. If you travel to a foreign country, you go abr _ _ _ .

3. Ev _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ means sometime in the future.

4. If you work without pay, you do vol_ _ _ _ _ _ work.

5. If you win a contest, you get a p _ _ _ _ .

6. De _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ means 100% for sure.