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Grammar Check: Using "because" and "so" to talk about causes and results

comes before the cause or reason:
Because I was late, I missed the train.
I missed the train because I was late.

So comes before the result:
He studied hard, so he passed the test.

Look at the sentences. Write "because" or "so." (8 points)

1. I was late meeting you I missed the train.

2. I have to work, I can't go with you tomorrow.

3. I forgot my pen, I need to borrow one.

4. I couldn't find my homework this morning, I did it again.

5. I'd really like to go, but I can't I'll be out of town.

6. I've been very busy, I haven't had time to call.

7. He won't be able to take a long vacation he has a new job.

8. We don't have enough time, let's finish this tomorrow.

9. I don't have any money, could you pay for the coffee?


Vocabulary Check: Word pairs

Read the sentences. Write the pairs of words. (7 points)

apologize       borrow      excuse     homework      housework
lends     promise      reason

1. If you want to use your friend's car, you have to (1) it .
You borrow the car; your friend (2) it to you.

2. When you say "I'm sorry," you (3) .
If you say why, you're making an (4) .

3. When you ask to borrow something, you should give a
(5) .
If you say you'll return it for sure tomorrow, you are making a
(6) .

4. When you do things for school at your house, you're doing
When you're cleaning your home, that's (8) .