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Grammar check: Using "that" clauses to ask about culture

Write the words in the correct order. There is one extra word. (2 points each = 10 points)

1. your      what      that       is       is       the      something      a    symbol      of     common      culture

2. traditional    do     some     you    what    is    most    the    thing      that

3. people     do      past     the    what    did    in      that    the     they    don't    now     do

4. in   gesture  your   culture   the   that   means     "I  don't agree"    what    has      is

5. what     thing    unusual    that    the    most     people     eat     in     culture     is     your     eating

6. what     name      is      most      the        of        in        famous    a     your   culture     folktale


Vocabulary check: Culture

Write the correct word in each sentence. There is one exra word. (5 points)

modern      gesture      independent      culture shock     customs
decorations      suburbs

1. Our family always puts up on holidays. My parents like to make the house look beautiful.

2. There are many in our culture. These things have stayed the same over many years.

3. What does your culture use to mean "goodbye?"

4. In some cultures, young people are very . They live on their own at an early age.

5. When I visited the United States, I had some . The people acted very differently from what I'm used to.

6. Most big cities have around them. Many people live there, but work in the cities.