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Grammar check: Using expressions to make plans

Match the parts of the sentences. (7 points)

1. Would                  a. picking up the food?

2. If you                  b. you help me with this?

3. Do you have     c. finish this, I'll go to the store.

4. Could you          d. time to help me?

5. Let me                 e. you help me with this, I'll help
                             you next time.

6. Do you mind     f. visit the travel agent?

7. If                           g. help you with that.    

8. Can                      h. you buy the drinks?

Vocabulary check: Future plans

Choose words to complete the sentences. (8 points)

favor     relationships    abroad     offer       request     camping     probably
weekend       supposed

1.Could you do me a ?

2. When you say, "I'll do that" you are making an .

3. When you say "Could you do that?" you are making a .

4. I don't want to move because I have good with my friends here.

5. Do you want to go this weekend? Sleeping outdoors is so much fun.

6. I want to study someday. Maybe I'll go to Europe.

7. We're to get the soft drinks. John and Jill will get the snacks.

8. Saturday and Sunday are the .

9. If the weather is good this weekend, we will go on a picnic.