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Grammar check: Using questions to give advice

Read the problems. Write the advice in the correct order. There is one extra word in each group. (2 points each = 8 points)

1. I'm really tired.
don't      and      you     get      why      some      go      
home      sleep      to

2. My apartment is so noisy. I can't sleep at night.
of    moving     move     have    thought    you

3. I can't seem to remember these vocabulary words.
thought     have      every     tried    reviewing    you    them     day

4. I'll never finish this science report by the deadline.
about     teacher      an     how    the    asking    for     why     extension

5. I've got a really bad headache.
you    aspirin    drink    don't    some    why    take

Vocabulary check: Advice

Read the definitions. Match the correct words. (7 points)

1. choose one thing, not another                         a. get engaged
                                                                         b. stressed
                                                                                      c. advice
2. have no more of something               d. look serious         
                                                             e. decide
                                                                                      f. run out of
3. become friends with                             g. complain                  
                                                             h. get to know

4. your idea about how a friend should
take care of a problem                             

5.seem to be worried                                

6. feeling worried or anxious                     

7. plan to get married

8. say you dislike something or