Justin visited a dream website. He asked Melinda about a dream he had.
Fill in the boxes. There is one extra wrd.

talks       came        seems     walking       solve       sitting          means     stopped        started        

Dear Melinda,

I dreamed I was through a field of beautiful flowers when suddenly it to rain hard. I to a nice little house and went in. There was a warm and peaceful living room. An old woman was on the sofa. She didn't say anything. She just smiled at me. What does my dream mean?



Dear Justin,

The field represents your idea of life. It that you are a positive, happy person. The storm that you are having some problems. The house represents yourself. The living room is the part of you that about feelings and other important things. The old woman is wisdom. Your wisdom will your problems.



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Write about a dream you had. Or, make up a dream. Use some of these words:

dreamed      woke up     saw    felt