Hiro will graduate from college next month. He wrote his "5-year plan" in his journal.
Fill in the boxes. Use some of these words. There is one extra.

want to       love to       work      will      can       might         hope      goal
try to         

OK. Here's my 5-year plan: I be 27 years old in five years. I really to live in the same city - Osaka - as I do right now, if I . I love this place. In five years I to be working for the newspaper as a journalist. I will try to write a great story every day. I write about the environment or maybe about education. After five years, who knows? Marriage? Maybe. My long-term for my life is to live and write overseas someday. I would live in a European city - Paris, Rome, someplace where there are great museums. I can't draw or paint very well, but I love to go to art museums. Before I do that, I'm going to have to really hard, though.

Career:                                                           Health:                                                 Personal:
-write a lot!                                              - keep playing tennis                    - live in places I like
-maybe a book someday?
                  - try to eat better (more              - do some volunteer work
                                                                           health food/less pizza,                - learn more about art
                                                                           except if I make it to Rome


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Now write your own five-year plan. Use words like these:

dream      goal     love to    will      have      hope to      try to